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Flight Booking Secrets

Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights: 12 Dos and Don’ts

Cheap flights are only a few clicks away. Traveling was once very expensive and even today it’s still pretty costly, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t find a good deal or two if you put your all into it. Going on vacation or on a business trip isn’t actually overly expensive, but it’s the cost to travel by plane that costs the most. This is the troubling part but it doesn’t have to be your downfall. So, what are the secrets of booking a cheap flight? The following are twelve simple dos and don’ts of booking a flight.

Do Choose the Right Airline

How much you’ll spend on a flight may be determined by the actual company or airline you fly with. Today, there are hundreds of airliners and travel companies and some are going to offer lower prices than others. It’s not so much as looking for a budget airline but rather an airline which offers good low prices. Flights can cost a lot of money so you have to search long and hard to find the right airline that has fair ticket prices.

Don’t Rush Into Booking When You See a Flash Sale on TV

Airline and holiday companies advertise sales on television as well as the Internet in order to attract customers which bring in a huge surge of sales, but it’s not always the best avenue for you. The sales are good but that doesn’t mean to say you’re actually getting the lowest possible price. Flights can decrease with sales but if you wait maybe a few extra days you could see the costs lower. It does depend significantly, but usually sales aren’t going to decrease the cost by much, maybe ten or twenty percent which may only be twenty or thirty dollars. Don’t rush into booking, otherwise because you might not be getting the best deal.

Do Book a Month before the Flight

For most travelers they love to know they have booked a flight and only have to worry about packing their suitcases but when you book can make all the difference. Are you willing to wait for a deal to come to you and do you prefer to wait until the day of your vacation to book? It’s not always advisable to wait for a last minute deal as you never know if you’ll get a seat on board. Booking at least a month before your flight is the best move. Flights vary considerably and while some seats may come available and be offered at rock-bottom prices, you can’t be sure. Not guaranteed a seat on a flight is troubling especially if you have your heart seat on a specific location.

Don’t Book Flights For Weekend Departures

Have you ever wondered why weekends are so busy in airports? Well, it’s very simple, the weekend is usually the best time for families and travelers to jet-off as it’s when work is over and they have more time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re going to find cheap flights. Booking a flight for the weekend could end up costing you much more than when you opt for a weekday flight. Don’t book a flight on a weekend and do not fly out on a weekend either; airports are overcrowded and costs are more expensive.

Do Fly with Extended Stop or Change Over

Most travelers want to get to their destination and in the shortest time possible but sometimes you are best to seek out long-haul flights that offer change or a stopover. The reason why is simply because you can get a lower costing ticket. Flights are actually a lot less when you have to change planes several times or have big stop-over times too. If you aren’t convinced, why not have a look and see for yourself?Fligh on cheap tickets with

Don’t Be So Stuck On Your Chosen Vacation

Let’s say you wanted to go on vacation and you wanted to fly somewhere in the Caribbean, do you have to visit a certain location? Being set on a certain destination can end up costing you more, especially if it’s a heavily tourist hot-stop. Flexibility is necessary otherwise you might struggle to find fairly cheap flights. Having your heart set on a particular destination may prevent you from getting a good deal.

Do Be Flexible On Your Journey Fly-Out Dates

Booking Cheap FlightsIf you want to save money or don’t have a large budget to spend on flights then you must be a little more flexible in terms of your flying dates. Do you really have to choose a Monday to fly or are you happy to wait until Wednesday or Thursday? Sometimes you can get a better deal by altering your fly-out dates. As we all know, mid-week flights are far less costly so you may be best to be flexible with your dates.

Don’t Forget About Your Frequent Flyer Miles

For some strange reason, millions collect points or miles when they fly during the year and accumulate lots of points only to have them sit and do nothing. These points are useful as they can be used to get a good deal on your next flight. Frequent flyer miles are there to be used and you can find cheap flights much more effectively. Unfortunately, most people don’t use them as they forget about them, but its important not to.

Do Book Round-Trip Tickets at One Time with the Same Airliner

One-way trips don’t come around very often which means most travelers are going on round-trip events, but how do you book your tickets? Do you buy one set of tickets with one airline company and then for the return trip, fly back with another? If so, you’re losing out because this is more costly to your pockets. Booking your fights, to and from, at one time and with the same airline will be far less expensive for you. This is the best way to get low-cost tickets and flights.

Don’t Choose Business Class To Fly

Cheap flights are highly sought after but think about it, if you book in luxury, you’ll end up paying more. Business class is nice, as is first class, but the costs are going to be high and you don’t often see reduced prices for these seats. Unfortunately, while it would be nice to fly in the height of luxury it’s not always practical in terms of money. Don’t choose business class, economy is better as it’s far less expensive.

Fly to the Quieter Airports

Airlines fly to dozens of airports and usually bigger cities have several airports servicing such flights. However, have you ever looked at the price between the popular or most used airport and the alternative one? If not, why not?! There is such a big difference in price and you might even be able to save up to fifty percent on overall ticket costs. That is a tremendous saving and all because you’ve chosen flights that service the quieter or alternative airport.

Don’t Rely On Travel Agents To Find Cheap Deals

Travel agents are still in great demand today and let’s be honest they can save you a lot of time by searching for the vacation on your behalf. They can also make all the necessary arrangements and while they can advertise you a good deal, they may not offer the best. Cheap flights are hard to come by and sometimes travel agents only have so many flights available to them. Travel agents are also looking to make money so sometimes they want to find an average costing flight rather than the cheapest.

Cheap Flights Will Make Your Day

For those who frequently fly, airfare can add up and it’s very costly too. Sometimes, you can’t drive to that business meeting or reach the family vacation via train so you have to fly. However, flying can be fun and not overly stressful either, especially when you get a good deal on your flights. Cheap flights exist and if you know where to find them, it will be easy for you and soothing on your wallet.